‘More than a soup….almost a meal’ 

What started as a hobby, selling in local farmers markets, has now developed into a very successful business with national distribution supplying to every major supermarket group in the country. A diverse range of fresh organic foods are produced by an experienced team, to meet consumer demand, using only organic ingredients. The soups are prepared in state of the art commercial kitchens but still handmade in small batches. We believe that food cooked in small batches tastes better and is better. Smaller batches also cook quicker and closer to the time of consumption, which maintains taste, nutritional and food safety benefits and also allows us to utilize the natural differences in ingredients to maximize the experience. All organic ingredients are sourced locally where possible. These foods are natural tasting and provide a minimum of two of the five daily nutritional requirements. We have an added value range of hi protein and lo fat varieties.

  • Shelf Life up to 45 days
  • Chilled Storage
  • Organic Trust Certified
  • Gluten Free and Suitable for Vegetarians (except Chicken Varieties)
  • Packed in 400g tubs
  • Dual Language Available