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We supply a wide variety of confectionery including delicious hand made gourmet chocolates, tasty sweets, lollipops, liqueurs, chippins and chocolate spreads. All of our products are fully traceable and made from the highest quality ingredients. Ireland is the final resting place of St. Valentine. For centuries, Ireland has protected the remains of St. Valentine – the patron saint of lovers. St Valentine’s Feast Day falls on 14 February, on which day lovers have customarily exchanged cards and other tokens of affection. While Ireland has its share of famous saints very few people realize that St. Valentine’s remains are located in Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin, Ireland. How the remains of the Patron Saint of Lovers came to rest in Dublin is a simple but interesting story. A famous nineteenth century Irish preacher by the name of John Spratt was visiting Rome in 1835. He was asked to preach at the Gesu, a famous Jesuit Church. Many of Rome’s elite came to hear him and afterwards, he was given many tokens of esteem. Pope Gregory XVI decided to give the gift of St. Valentine’s body, believed to be in the cemetery of St. Hippolytus in Rome. It’s said the gift was given to help boost Catholicism in Ireland. The remains of Valentine were duly transferred to Whitefriar Street Church in 1836, and to this day are venerated there, especially around the time of the Saint’s Feast Day.